Hong Ki-ho of Myungsung Environment won the election for the ninth president of the Korea University Volleyball Federation.

The Korea University Volleyball Federation, which had been operating under the system of acting president Cho Kwang-bok after the resignation of the eighth president Oh Seung-jae in May, elected a new president on the 28th.

Two candidates registered and competed in this presidential election, and Mr. Bae Seok-woo [CEO of HVR] and Mr. Hong Ki-ho [Chairman of Myungsung Environment] competed in good faith with many promises for the development of college volleyball. 메이저사이트

The Presidential Election Committee of the Korea University Volleyball Federation [Chairman Lee Yong-kwan (Planning Director of the Korea Volleyball Association)] composed the electoral college for this election with delegates from 19 universities registered with the federation. After counting the votes, President Hong Ki-ho won the election with 12 votes.
Hong’s main campaign promises are as follows

  1. establish an athlete scholarship program to encourage athletes to focus on their athletic endeavors.
  2. raise the level of college volleyball by bringing advanced culture and technology to the sport by sending top coaches abroad for training.
  3. Create a research-based college volleyball federation by paying coaches based on their research performance.
  4. Create an internationally competitive college volleyball by holding international competitions
  5. provide generous financial support to financially challenged organizations.

“I would like to thank the delegates for their trust and support, and I will reward them by fulfilling my promises,” said President Hong Ki-ho.
This election is a by-election and the term of office is until the end of 2024.

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