Kiwoom Heroes Lee Joo-hyung (22) hit his first home run in his debut, raising expectations.

Lee Joo-hyung started as center fielder 5 times in the match against Kiwoom Heroes of the ‘2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League’ held at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul on the 3rd, 4 at-bats, 2 hits, 1 home run, 2 RBIs, 1 run, 1 walk, 1 steal, 2nd round of the 2020 rookie.먹튀검증

draft Lee Joo-hyung, who was nominated by LG in the 2nd round (13th place), wore a Kiwoom uniform through a trade on the 29th of last month. In exchange for sending Choi Won-tae to LG from Kiwoom, Lee Joo-hyung, Kim Dong-gyu, and the 2024 rookie draft 1st round nomination rights (8th place) were transferred to Kiwoom. 

Lee Joo-hyung, who was recognized for his batting talent at LG, is preparing to fully develop his potential in his development. Kiwoom, who noticed Lee Joo-hyung’s potential, is constantly giving Lee Joo-hyung a chance by entrusting him with a spot as an outfielder. 

Lee Joo-hyung said, “In LG, each at-bat was so precious, and it was difficult to get a chance to take one at-bat. However, Kiwoom consistently sends out 3-4 at-bats per game, so even if I don’t hit in the first at-bat, I can look back on the parts I missed in the next at-bat, so I think I get better results.” 

In the first at-bat of the game on the 1st, when he met LG, his former team for the first time, Lee Joo-hyung took off his helmet and bowed his head to the fans who visited Jamsil Stadium. Lee Joo-hyung laughed, saying, “I didn’t go out to the first team much, so I thought I should say hello.” Lee Joo-hyung laughed and said, “Honestly, I was a little hesitant, but I was grateful that the fans cheered when I said hello,” looking back on his first meeting with LG.

Lee Joo-hyung, who played an active role with 5 hits in 11 at-bats, 1 home run, 2 RBIs, 2 runs, and 1 steal, including the first home run in his 3 weekday match against LG, said, “LG ​​fans have supported me a lot in the meantime, and thank you for continuing to support me even after coming to Kiwoom. Thank. Kiwoom fans may not be happy to see me, but in this trade, I will repay you with the results and I will work harder so that the fans can love me.” 

After moving to Kiwoom, Lee Joo-hyung has been hitting hits in all games and is showing his batting talent in full bloom. His performance this season is .937 OPS with a batting average of 3.2 4 Lee (11 at 34), 1 home run, 5 RBI, 5 runs, 1 steal in 23 games. Because of his extraordinary batting talent and defensive position as a center fielder, he is already expected to be the ‘post Lee Jung-hoo’. Seniors at LG, such as commentator Park Yong-taek and Oh Ji-hwan, also praised Lee Joo-hyung.

Lee Joo-hyung, who laughed at the word ‘Post Lee Jung-hoo’, saying, “It’s really burdensome,” and said, “Now is not the time to hear such stories. Now, he’s the first player ever to pitch a nine-inning game. I think the most important thing is to play my baseball in a given opportunity. I think seniors also told me not to be discouraged when they said ‘the second Lee Jung-hoo’ or ‘I can hit 30 homers and 30 stolen bases’. I will do my best to repay it.”

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