Professional baseball KT, which was at the bottom until early June, rose to 4th without a ride with NC, 3rd in the league as of the 7th. On the basis of that rising trend, solid selection baseball, among them, the ‘local ace’ Koh Young-pyo (32) is outstanding. On the 6th, against Doosan in Jamsil, he gave up 1 run in 7 innings, winning his 10th season (tied for 4th in the league). The average ERA was lowered to 2.44 (3rd in the league). Among the ‘native players’ excluding foreign players, both the number of wins and the average ERA are ranked first.먹튀검증

Ko Young-pyo’s greatest strength is that he can throw for a long time. He threw 125 and 2/3 innings, which is now the fourth most in the league. It means that if he goes out, he will take responsibility for at least 6 times on average. also stable. He has recently recorded 10 consecutive quality starts (giving up 3 runs or less in 6 or more innings pitched). He made 20 appearances this season, 16 of which were quality starts. The other secret is excellent control and aggressive pitching. He is the slowest among pitchers, with a fastball speed of around 140 km per hour. The secret to enduring the era of pitchers over 150km is stable operation. He leads the league in walks per 9 innings with 0.72 among pitchers who have filled the required innings, and the on-base percentage per inning is 1.0, also leading the league. He gave up only 17 four balls. Koh Young-pyo, whom we met on the 6th, said, “The quality start is a record that I am greedy for. He said, “I want to do more than 20 quality starts this year.”

Koh Young-pyo is actually a long-term plastic surgery player. When he was graduating from Hwasun High School, he was not selected in the professional baseball rookie selection and chose to go to college (Dongguk University). However, his skills began to bloom during his college days, and he won the MVP (Most Valuable Player) of the KBO President’s Tournament in his 3rd year (2012) and the Outstanding Pitcher Award at the Spring League National Championship in his 4th year (2013). He was nominated by KT for the 2nd round (10th overall) and fulfilled his wish to advance to the pros.

Nevertheless, in the beginning, he could not adapt and was sluggish, but from 2021, when he returned from military service as a social worker, he showed his potential. Having never filled the required innings (144 innings), he played 166 and 2/3 innings (11-6, 2.92) in 2021 and 182 and 1/3 innings (13-8, 3.26) last year. Koh Young-pyo said, “During my military service, I set the direction for my pitching. He trained with the goal of developing his control and becoming a pitcher with aggressive pitching.” Koh Young-pyo picked ‘the ball on the inside’ as the secret to being more active this season. He said, “Because I have good control of the inside, I can diversify the ball mix, so my hitting rate in the scoring area has dropped.”

Koh Young-pyo said he hoped that his strong pitching streak would become a ‘snowball’ that would make the team stronger. He said that he wants to create a ‘positive snowball’, such as giving the bullpen a break by throwing a long pitch as a starter and allowing them to win subsequent games based on this. He said, “The goal is first place, but I am not very conscious of the team ranking. If you are conscious, your mind is chased,” he said. “Our team’s strength is to do the best we can in each position. There will be good results as many injured players will come back and more synergy will be created.”

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