Chelsea have finally found a main kit sponsor.

The British ‘Daily Mail’ announced on the 9th (Korean time) that “Chelsea has finally signed a contract with the main jersey sponsor.”토토사이트

Chelsea went out to find a sponsor after the contract with the existing main sponsor ‘Three’ was terminated, but it was difficult. ‘Paramount’ was contacted, but the Premier League rejected it for fear of touching the planting of ‘Sky Sports’ and ‘BT Sports’, which had broadcasting rights. 

Since then, the online casino betting company ‘’ has emerged as a potential sponsor, but fan opposition has been strong because of the sponsorship of the gambling company from the 2025-2026 season.

Chelsea, whose sponsorship contract was delayed, played a pre-season friendly with the chest part of the jersey empty. As a result, uniform sales were delayed compared to other teams, and fan dissatisfaction increased.

However, this problem appears to have been resolved. The Daily Mail said, “Chelsea will wear a new uniform (with a sponsor) in the match against Liverpool in the opening game of the Premier League.” Won) agreed to the contract.”

The media reassured fans that “both sides wanted a quick official announcement, but it was delayed because it required approval from the league secretariat. However, Chelsea will wear a jersey with a sponsor without any problems in the Premier League opening game.”

The media continued, “The new sponsor Infinite Athletic will provide Chelsea with affordable player data and allow fans to watch the game from a variety of camera angles, emerging as the new core of world football. It is an announcement of advancement to the league,” he added.

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