Praise never dries up from the commander’s mouth. This is the story of Shin Min-jae (27), who took off as the starting second baseman.먹튀검증

Manager Yeom Kyung-yeop places importance on the center line that connects the catcher-second baseman, shortstop-center fielder. I have a theory that when this line is strong, the team and the other line are strong.

In the meantime, LG’s hole was the second baseman. Several candidates passed, but none took the position.

But this year. Suddenly, the right person appeared. It is Shin Min-jae. Shin Min-jae, who was running as a runner-up agent, did not miss the opportunity that came to him.

He stirs the ground every day based on his offense and defense, as well as his quick feet. That’s how I received a snow stamp from director Yeom Kyung-yeop.

In particular, against Kiwoom the day before (12th), he was active with 2 hits and 3 RBIs in 5 at-bats, including his first triple in his debut.

Then coach Yeom Gyeong-yeop said, “Shin Min-jae is improving as he plays. I think.” He smiled brightly.

The command tower’s praise did not end here. He further saw that he could also be a Golden Glove second baseman.

He strongly recommended, saying, “I want to make it a Golden Globe in my dream. Wouldn’t it be worth trying if I hit 30% against the king of stolen bases?”

He emphasized, “If (Shin Min-jae) grows like this, the team will have a lot of resources.

The command tower deserves praise.

On this day, Shin Min-jae also flew wildly in Gongsuju. He started second base twice, going 3-for-6 with 2 RBI, 2 stolen bases and 2 runs scored, contributing to the team’s 17–8 victory.

He got a right-handed hit from his first at-bat, coming from first base unscathed in the bottom of the first inning. He took Kim Dong-gyu’s first pitch and hit it. Then, Kim Hyun-soo stole second base when he was at bat, and advanced to third base with a wild throw. And he scored on Austin’s sacrifice fly.

Shin Min-jae reported an RBI in the second at-bat. He hit a timely hit in the first out and second base. He succeeded in stealing second base again, completing a multi-hit and two stolen bases in two at-bats.

In the bottom of the third, he stepped to first base with an infield hit to make it a three-hit game. It is the second 3-hit game of the season after the match against SSG on June 28th. This time, Austin hit home when he hit the right time.

He was also good at defense. The highlight was the 6th episode. Leading hitter Kim Hye-seong quickly chased a heavy hitting ball, slid and caught it with his backhand, then jumped up and sprayed it accurately with first base. He did enough to get a round of applause from the fans on the first base side.

In addition to this day’s game, Shin Min-jae recorded a batting average of 0.333, 49 hits, 17 RBIs, 27 stolen bases, 30 runs, an on-base percentage of 0.391, and an OPS of 0.745 in 82 games.

Thanks to the performance of Shin Min-jae, who has now become a sure starter second baseman, LG has been able to solidify its first-place solo system.

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